Perfect for cold weather lunches. Homemade and fresh every day, and delivered in a crock-pot ready to plug in and keep hot. Crackers are included. If you have a special soup request, please give us at least 24 hours notice, otherwise you will be served one of our weekly soup specials
8oz bowl $4.50 / person
12oz bowl $5.50 / person

Carrot, celery, radishes, cherry tomatoes, local and imported cheese cut into bite size cubes, dill pickle spears, baby Gherkin pickles and Kalamata olives are all put together in a colourful display.   The perfect accompaniment to your sandwich tray
$4.50 / person

Pickle Tray:
Six to eight varieties of the best pickles available
(Minimum 8 people)
$3.25 / person

Cheese and Pickle Trays:
A delicious combination of four varieties of domestic and imported cheeses and three varieties of pickles
(Minimum 8 people)
$4.25 / person

Cheese Trays:
Six varieties of the best domestic and imported cheeses carefully cut and arranged with a variety of fruit to decorate. Includes Food for Thought’s homemade cheese ball
(Minimum 8 people)
$4.75 / person

Vegetable Trays:
Includes up to eight varieties of the season’s best crisp, fresh, raw vegetables, cut and sliced into finger sized pieces. Served with our own homemade creamy dill dip
(Minimum 8 people)
$3.50 / person

Full Selection Fruit Trays:
Six to eight varieties of fresh, in season fruit cut into bite sized pieces
(Selection will vary with season)
$4.25 / person

Continental Style Fruit Trays:
Ready to eat wedges of five varieties of the best of the season
(Selection will vary with season)
$3.95 / person