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All Entrees are served with a choice of house salad, or Caesar salad unless denoted by *. Add buns and butter 45 cents per person. (Minimum 8 people)

Neapolitan Chicken:
Marinated grilled chicken breast topped with Fiore di Latte cheese, fresh basil leaves, oven roasted tomatoes, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. Served with Campanelle pasta in tomato sauce and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

Blackened Chicken:
Blackened chicken breast topped with fresh fruit salsa. Served with roasted lemon potatoes and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

Caribbean Jerk Chicken:
Breast of chicken marinated and baked with house made jerk sauce. Served with mango, pineapple and cilantro basmati rice and grilled vegetables.
$16.50 / person

Sticky Asian chicken:
Breast of chicken glazed with sweet and spicy sticky sauce. Served with chow mien noodles and stir-fried vegetables.
$16.50 / person

*Grilled Chicken Souvlaki:
Marinated and grilled chicken skewers, oven roasted Greek lemon potatoes, warm Naan bread with Tzatziki sauce, Greek salad and Caesar salad.
$16.50 / person

Herb and Garlic Crusted Chicken:
Breast of chicken topped with a roasted garlic, rosemary and parsley pesto. Baked with Parmesan cheese and topped with grilled lemon. Served with herb roasted baby potatoes and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

Coq Au Vin:
Breast of chicken with sautéed pearl onions, mushroom caps, fresh thyme, and red wine sauce. Served with mashed or roasted baby potatoes and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

*Indian Butter Chicken:
Authentic Indian butter chicken served with basmati rice, crispy vegetable Pakoras, mint sauce, curried chick pea salad, and warm buttered Naan bread.
$16.50 / person

Chicken Schnitzel:
Breaded chicken breast with a side of lemon basil au jus. Served with Spatzle in lemon garlic cream sauce and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

BBQ Chicken:
Breast of chicken grilled with our signature BBQ sauce. Served with baby roasted potatoes and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

Bacon Wrapped Chicken:
Marinated breast of chicken wrapped with bacon and topped with peppercorn demi. Served with garlic mashed or baby roasted potatoes and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

Roast Beef Dinner:
6oz portions of thin sliced “AAA” Alberta hip of beef smothered in au jus. Served with mashed or baby roasted potatoes, chef’s vegetables and a side of horseradish.
$16.50 / person

Individual Stuffed Meatloaf:
Ground beef, veal, and fresh herb meatloaf stuffed with bocconcini cheese. Topped with marinara sauce and served with herb and garlic smashed potatoes or penne with vodka sauce and chef’s vegetables.
$16.50 / person

Whiskey BBQ Ribs:
Grilled baby back ribs (3/4 rack per person), baked in our own whiskey BBQ sauce. Individually cut for easy serving. Served with herb & garlic smashed potatoes or baby roasted potatoes and chef’s vegetables.
$19.25 / person

Grilled Mango Salmon:
Grilled filet of salmon topped with fresh mango salsa. Served with lemon risotto and chef’s vegetables
$17.95 / person

*Ukrainian Platter:
Potato & cheddar perogies with bacon, sautéed onion and cream, rice and bacon cabbage rolls baked in tomato sauce, grilled garlic sausage, sautéed beets, and baby roasted potatoes. Served with sour cream and FFT’s house made hot mustard.
$16.50 / person