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Pastry Tray:
A variety of squares, cakes, tarts, and cookies.
$1.00 each

Pastry and Fruit Combination Tray:
Wedges of cantaloupe, honeydew melon, watermelon or pineapple, clusters of grapes, strawberries or kiwi fruit in combination with our ever popular homemade pastries. Fruit selection may vary with season.
One pastry $4.25 / person
Two pastries $5.25 / person

Assorted Pies:
Bumbleberry, apple, pecan, or lemon meringue.
$3.50 / person

Jumbo Cookies:
A variety of soft, fresh, jumbo cookies.
$1.75 each

Triple chocolate cake, carrot cake, or pecan strudel cake garnished with fresh fruit.
$3.50 / person

Jumbo Squares:
Rice Krispie squares, puffed wheat squares, and corn-flake almond squares.
$2.50 each

Chocolate Croissants:
Croissant stuffed with chocolate cream and drizzled with dark chocolate.
(Minimum 10 people)
$3.50 each

Fresh Fruit Trifle:
Layers of fresh fruit, sponge cake, berry sauce and whipping cream.
(Minimum 10 people)
$3.95 / person

Strawberry, butter tarts, or fresh fruit tarts.
$1.95 each

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:
Strawberries dipped in Belgian dark chocolate. (Not always available depending on season)
$1.75 each