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Continental Breakfast Tray:
A variety of freshly baked pastries.
1 item / person $2.99
1 ½ items / person $4.48
*low fat muffins are available upon request

Raspberry Jam:
To accompany your breakfast tray.
$3.50 each (serves 10)

Cream Cheese:
A dish of regular cream cheese to accompany your breakfast tray.
$3.50 each (serves 10)

Continental Fruit Tray:
Ready to eat wedges of five varieties of the best of the season (selection will vary with season).
$3.25 / person

Cheese Cubes:
A variety of domestic and imported cheese cubes.
$3.50 / person

Yogurt Parfaits:
Granola layered with low fat yogurt and sliced fresh fruit, served in individual parfait cups.
$4.50 each

Fresh fruit salad:
Freshly diced seasonal fruit. A healthy morning accompaniment.
$3.75 / person.

Mexican scrambled eggs:
Scrambled eggs with peppers, onions, cheddar and jalepeno jack cheese. Served with hashbrowns, bacon and/or sausage, croissants, jam, cream cheese, fresh fruit platter, baja salsa, and ketchup.
$14.95 / person (minimun 20 people)

Pancakes and French Toast:
Choose pancakes, French toast or both, Bacon and/or sausage. Served with a fresh fruit tray, maple syrup, raspberry jam, and whipped butter. **Add mixed berry compote $1.50 / person
$12.25 / person (minimum 20 people)

On the Run Breakfast Sandwiches:
English muffin filled with fried egg, ham, cheddar cheese and tomato. Served with hash brown patties, fresh fruit, Baja salsa, and ketchup.
$10.75 / person (minimum 20 people)

Build Your Own Croissant:
Build it how you like it! Stuff a croissant with black forest ham, cheddar, swiss, sliced boiled egg, or sliced tomatoes.
$8.25 / person

Breakfast Wraps:
All breakfast wraps are served with hash brown patties, fresh fruit tray, salsa, and Ketchup.
$11.50 / person (minimum 15 people)

Denver Wrap:
Scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, black forest ham, onions and Swiss cheese.

Bacon & Egg Wrap:
Scrambled eggs, green onion, crispy bacon, and white cheddar cheese.

Vegetarian Wrap:
Scrambled eggs, green onions, bell peppers, oven roasted tomatoes and jalapeño jack cheese.

Cold Breakfast Croissant:
Multigrain and butter croissants filled with hard boiled egg, smoked turkey, crispy bacon, avocado, oven roasted tomato, and Dijon mayo. Served with fresh fruit salad.
$10.50 / person